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I’m an ideas person.

I even had the idea to make an ‘Ideas Bank’ where ‘idea people’ deposit their fabulous plans and people with time and money on their hands take the idea and make a mint out of it (then share it with the ‘ideas person’). I think the only flaw with this idea is that people with time and money on their hands have probably made their loot from having great ideas.

Aaaaanyway, I’ve had a great idea which I’m actually going to bring to fruition this time. I have a business plan, I’m finalising the budget, I do all this during my well-scheduled work day and it’s all coming together wonderfully.

Up until yesterday that is.

From the very start I couldn’t believe nobody had had this idea before. It’s the perfect business (for me) and I’m tripping over myself in excitement to get it launched. And terrified there’s somebody else out there that may beat me to it. But surely I’m just being paranoid and there’s nobody else living the same dream as me?

Wrong, of course.

In doing more web research yesterday I accidentally found somebody that is more than likely doing exactly what I’m doing. Except they have a team of 20 people working on it. And funding no doubt. And fancy schmancy offices. And a track record of success with similar products. Damn them to hell.

In response to this threat, I suffered an immediate headache, which made me need to lie down on the couch and sulk, which then forced me to find and decimate the chocolate stash, which soon led me to the medicine cupboard for some Nurofen, then down a slightly destructive path of self-loathing and, finally, into a state of anger, then slowly determination, gradually some fire in my belly and, finally, back to my desk and on the path to retaliation and one-uppence.

Some people can take weeks or months to go through this series of shock-disappointment-destructiveness-disgust-action-recovery when they suffer a set back. I’m proud to say I had it all done and dusted within mere hours. It was hugely unbalancing, all-consuming and distressful but, oh, the magic combination of chocolate, nurofen and resilience!

I’ve done a pretty serious self and business re-assessment during these hours and come out the other side refreshed and determined to do things even better than I had planned. It’s called competition. My business would be easier without it but perhaps not better.

Where would the Chinese economy be if they had shied away from competition? Could we even afford to jump on a plane for a holiday if we only had one national carrier (hmmm)? I can say at least, without a shadow of a doubt, that the quality of a cup of coffee in recent years has increased exponentially with the numbers of cafe here in Bondi. And imagine how expensive banking would be in Australia if there wasn’t any competition? Ok, the logic falls down there dramatically but let’s not get onto the topic of collusion so early in the day hey?

What I’m getting at here is that I have to deal with this potential threat to my business as a positive. I don’t want to get all Deepak Chopra on you folks but a little bit of optimism goes a long way. Either I give up my plans that excite and inspire me in a way I’ve never felt before or I focus on carrying them out to the very best of my abilities.

And beat the competition. Ha!

Yours in Deepak determinism…

x Andy

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