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After galloping (ok, more lolling than galloping) along the sand early this morning, I was heading on my uphill home stretch when my eyes were drawn, as always, to a building nestled on Campbell Parade.

This is a building of fairly typical beachside architecture, dark dull yellow in colour and one of many opposite Bondi Beach’s north end. In the deep dark autumn morning, however, it’s windows are lit with a warm glow. There is a comforting, dimly lit eating area with the odd person passing through and a hefty telescope pointed down to the waves.

This triple-storied residence has no signage, a number of hotel-like rooms extending out behind the main building and a rare-as-hens-teeth large, fortressed private car park attached. Who the hell lives here? Who stays here? I’m pretty sure I have full knowledge of the handful of accommodation options in Bondi Beach and this place is not listed anywhere.

I want in! Every morning I want to finish my run by inserting my specially cut key into the front arched doorway and heading into that cosy room, huddled up with a coffee and sussing out the beach scene from the special spying-device planted in the expansive window.

Who lives there? I’m not really after the answer to be honest. Well, I am, But I’m also not. You see, I’m one of those people who LOVE a mystery. Every morning I think up a new little story about who has access to this perplexing private palace. I’m insanely curious. It makes me feel alive with wonder.

Are you one of those people? Or are you someone (like most people I know), who is immediately on a mission to discover the truth…frustrated until you do… then satisfied once the mystery is solved.

I do feel a certain level of satisfaction in an answer but it comes with a sense of let down too. A stab of disappointment. Story finished. Mystery managed. Curiosity quelled. Lord knows there are always more mysteries to solve though so I just readjust my attention on to those I guess.

The old “why are we here” nugget is my favourite. No matter what your belief system, there’s one thing for sure…it all remains a mystery. Religion is just a way to achieve some sort of peace with the huge unknowableness of it all. To mitigate the frustration of the mystery. And full respect to each wondrous story (and god) – we’d never get anything done if we didn’t have some way to get it off our minds.

I’m also a fan of the chicken-or-the-egg fiasco. And the platypus. And the humble tomato (can it really be deemed a piece of fruit?). One of my biggest heros is Sir David Attenborough. He continues on his life mission of discovery throughout the natural world. Bless his safari-suited cotton socks.

And my newest love interest (in the most platonic of ways) is Professor Brian Cox. All you folk out there dancing away with me in the clubs in the 90′s may remember the anthem “Things Can Only Get Better”. What a song. Prof Cox was the keyboard player for the band D:Ream. A year after they disbanded in 1997, Cox was awarded his PH.D. degree in high energy particle physics. And thank god for that.

This guy is great. Loveable, intelligent, gorgeous and bang up about physics. He is on a life mission of discovery throughout our physical world and out into the far reaches of the universe. This is a guy who clearly loves a mystery. And in the spirit of discovery, I’ll say no more and let you check his sexy, soothing, sci-fi self out for yourself (just google him).

And oh the mystery of space time. Where the hell has the morning gone? Over and out Houston…

x Andy

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