Dangling Carrots

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There’s no doubt about it…I’m a yes person.

I like to please people; I like to help; I don’t like letting people down, even to my detriment. And I think that’s ok, that’s just me.

But sometimes there is nobody in trouble. Sometimes I’m presented with an opportunity and regardless of how upset, scared or negative I feel about it, I usually take it on because 1. I don’t like to say no and 2. you just never know, you know

Well I was presented with an opportunity yesterday with the usual immediate response required. It was a brilliant idea that was solely mine for the taking. No tender or application required. The gig was guaranteed mine.

It included an opportunity to connect with over 100 entertainment industry folk who regularly need photographic services. Seriously, two of the words in the proposal were ‘National Geographic’. Other words were ‘party’, ‘exclusive’ and ‘incredible opportunity’.

This is something I would usually say yes to. Who wouldn’t, right? It was most likely going to take me down a road of photography, fun and financial success. The only problem being, it really wasn’t my scene. At the start of the year I worked out what I really want to do with my life and the steps that would get me there. And, sadly, this opportunity wasn’t part of it.

I’m still thinking about it though. I know I made the right decision turning it down but it’s one of those ‘Sliding Doors’ moments where you just never really know where the other path could have taken you.

But I stand firm by my decision which, surprisingly, involved the answer ‘no’ (followed by much thanks, explanations and “please think of me next time anyway!”). I feel like this has given me extra resolve to make things work with my own projects. I have to make it work now I turned down an opportunity that could have been amazing.

So, sometimes you try and take a bite at the dangling carrot and sometimes you don’t. This particular one was a deep orange, perfectly formed, large and tasty looking offering but I’m going to stick by my organic, garden-variety carrot this time around and hope in the long run it will be better for me.

Yours in resisted temptation…

x Andy

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