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There’s a guy I know of that works really hard. Probably 7 days a week but he’s doing what he loves, which is great. One of his main focuses and passions is travel, just like me.

He works in travel and has connected with people all over the world through his work. He gets offers to stay with any number of people when he chooses to go to a particular country or city. Which is lovely, except that the guy likes solitude, just like me.

So a few days ago he decided to do exactly what he loves doing…jump on a plane to a far away country and get lost in the culture, anonymously. I can’t begin to tell you how jealous I am. How every cell in my body wants to do exactly the same thing.

I have the money, I could make the time (by quitting my job) (whatever) and I certainly have the desire. I just don’t have the freedom and circumstance. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t change things for the world because the very thing stopping me is also the most important – my child.

Yes, that’s right. The guy I know doesn’t have kids. He has a wife but you can leave wives, reason with them. You can tell them you love them and that you’ll be back soon. You don’t have to make sure they’re awake, feed them breakfast, get them dressed, brush their teeth, makes their lunches and ship them off to school, pick them up again, dinner, bed, PJs, teeth, reading, playing, singing and putting them to sleep. Every day of the week.

And of course I wouldn’t give it up for the world but oh! to have the freedom again to just be able to pack a bag, book a flight and head off. Dan and I did this for about 6 years, non-stop. Every 3 months usually. Can you imagine! People thought we were crazy and I admit finding a new place to live and work every 3 months has its challenges but oh the adventure!!

But I am held firmly in my domestic routine now and I am happy, truly. But what if I could be this content and still keep traveling? All of us…our little family of three. Not possible you say? What about schooling? What about my responsibilities? Well, I’m not saying I’m going to do it but I could. I know I could because people do. Not many but check these guys out… http://www.soultravelers3.com

This family is beautiful. A mum, dad and young girl from California who decided to undertake an extended family holiday around the world and just never stopped. I think they will have been going 5 years this September with their little girl heading towards the age of 10.

They have god to guide them and their girl sounds like a little genius but, besides that, they seem pretty similar to my little family. So why can’t we do it? Anybody? Please tell me why, otherwise I might just be tempted to join them…

x Andy

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