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I’m so keen to get all my new projects going that I nearly quit my day job yesterday. Granted it was prompted by offensive behaviour from a colleague but I’m just so keen to put all my new ideas into action that I nearly dropped the ball of responsibility.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, to get things cracking successfully you have to have some plans and a timeline (unless of course you’re rich and single with no responsibilities).

I have my list of goals for the year and at the end of March I’m going to have a mini review and see how I’m tracking. I know I’ve improved my health as I’m monitoring it on a weekly basis. I’ve ticked a number of boxes to do with artistic projects and have put more effort into my relationships (which should receive an even greater boost after Valentines Day!!).

There are a couple of areas that haven’t scored points on the board in terms of practical achievements but they are bubbling away in my busy brain and should be good to go later in the year.

But life throws things at you regularly and you have to be prepared for change. So far there hasn’t been any serious spanners in the works but I feel one particular dream sliding off into next’s year’s plans. And it hurts. Because its my big one.

I would love to take 2 months off for travelling at the end of every year – for growth, learning and enjoyment but also for work. I need these journeys for material for writing and photography. For planning, discovery and connections. For enrichment and inspiration.

But alas, it may have to wait. If I’m to commit to my new (big) project I’m going to need to be home for it. Lucky I’m nearly as excited about this new work as I am about the travel.

But slowly, slowly. I have to be patient. I have to plan. I’ll probably only have one chance at this thing so I have to be smart about it.

But I also know myself well and if I don’t have a holiday planned I start getting anxious. I need the constant groundswell of excitement about an impending journey. But when and where to go? I don’t know but WAHOO I’m feeling the buzz of potential already. I’m off to make some more plans…

x Andy

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