Welcome to Solo Creative

Solo Creative is my passion. It combines my love of travel, photography, culture and movement.

It displays the dazzle of world colour alongside the moody tones of monochrome. It stretches from my beach backyard at Bondi to the gritty streets of New York and beyond.

Here I celebrate the world's diversity and its raw beauty. I showcase gorgeous people in off-guard moments, in fixing stares or full flight in dance.

There's a serious lack of landscapes. I'm drawn to the depth and detail - the minutiae, the nitty gritty. I love the textures, colours, patterns and points of difference. And I'm a sucker for a photo montage.

Many people have barriers to travel or have trouble seeing beyond the big picture. I'm hopelessly drawn to traipsing the world and capturing its wonder.

I hope you enjoy taking a few steps with me.

x Andy